Friday, April 30, 2010

Bad Mood Blahs...

Maybe this is why i have been depressed lately... This was about a week ago..

(To be honest I was happy to be done with winter, couldn't wait to start Spring.. then summer.. so packed away all the winter clothes etc.. ).. And Yuck.. Last Saturday nite a wintery white blizzard hit that has just not wanted to leave... And the boys have been behaving like caged Tigers, Lions, Erangatanges, Monkeys... and quite frankly I would sell them to the zoo... (a tiny bit joking:)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Springtime and the Livin' Is Easy

Saturday morning Wade and Miles Hughes had a plan. Meet at Ricky's at 7 and have breakfast, 8 be at U of C to get canoes, 9 be at Ghost Dam for Canoe around...

This is how it went.. 7 am - skip breakfast, 8:30 arrive at U of C, 10 arrive at Ghost to find the lake frozen over.. (as in no water to canoe in- should have brought our skates) 10:30 carry canoes and gear down VERY steep embankment and push off into river downstream of Dam and float into Cochrane..

Unplanned... Andrew Harrison picked us up at the bridge and brought us to their NEW and BEAUTIFUL home to a spread that Katrina had prepared... (and I do believe they say 'the best experiences in life aren't planned') AMEN...

An amazing day... And hard to believe it was not even May yet.. Thanks Miles, Kedron, and Logan. The only one brave enough to test the waters was Jace :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi Ho .. Hi Ho.. It's Off To Work I Go

Oh the benefits of your husband having his own company... When the oldest gets bored (aka.. driving you nuts) he can go to work with daddy!!! ( i must admit there was a part of me that is picturing the tool kit as a backpack and i'm getting sad already)

Just Call Me Martha!!

In an effort to wear more skirts...
Step 1: Cut up pair of favorite jeans!!:)
Step 2: Create center panel ruffles and sew on.
Step 3: Sew up back..

It literally was that simple.. Original design courtesy of my sister.. I made a few changes to suit my style..
Time spent.. 2 hours.. Money spent.... $0  Proud Factor ... pretty high!! (hey i change diapers all day:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

While The Kids Were Away

So while I had a week of bonding with my sister Katrina that lives sooo far away:) (we did manage to squeeze in a day of shopping with Marci for her birthday!!) My brave parents.. the poppa and gramma took Katrina's oldest and my two boys to the cabin... The pictures say it all... Nothing better that little boys love than throwing rocks, playing in a fort they built with grandma (a huge hit), and playing meeting.. Mom got this great little set of kids size furniture and the kids think they are great!!

Visit To My Dad's Shop

The other day we had Easter dinner at my mom and dad's and I finally got a little sneak peak at some of the things my dad has been working on... Can you say FABULOUS!!!... I'm in love... Its also really neat to see how much he loves what he's doing now..  
 (You can check out some of his other pieces at 

This is what it starts out as.... 

And the chair to go with it.. (this one you have to sit in to truly appreciate!!:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Vs. New

This past week i accomplished something i've been dreaming of doing since we purchased our house.. Paint our kitchen cabinets white!! (ok.. Katrina came out and was a huge help, mom and dad took the little mess makers and my awesome husband insisted on spraying them - after MUCH begging!!!) My good friend Amanda and I have been discussing this, and I interviewed my dad on using melamine paint, researched methods... and voila.. I'm in love with it.. Wade still shakes his head and is confused with women.. He thought there was nothing wrong with the brown.. You can text him at 403-862-2984 and let him know which color you think looks better:)))

P.S. He did tell me after it was all done that if i worked for him he would have fired me for my prep job!:)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunkbed 1 - Jace 0

Chalk one up for the bunkbed.. Don't ask me what happened because I don't know. (And before you cast stones at his mother for not being around:) I was right next door - sitting in my 'chair' in the closet feeding Brooke.. All i heard was clunk... and then nothing (and no he wasn't unconscious) There was no crying.. nothing.. I finished feeding Brooke, and went to see what I thought was a book fallen off the shelf and noticed his head.. YIKES...

FYI this kid is TOUGH... You can see how spankin's just ain't working for him !!

Who's Who In The Zoo...

We are loving this warm weather!!! It is so inspiring and energizing...This week we purchased a bike carrier/hitch and hope to get out once a week to Fish Creek Park and do some biking...  We are also going to make great use of our Zoo pass this year!! Every visit we intend to go and check out the new Dinosaur that was placed in the Rex' Park.. (or as Isaac says - that Gma Johnson saw escaping:) But for some reason every visit the boys want to see the same thing... Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Rhino and Monkeys... OK...


I'll tell you what else I'm enjoying... Jace seems to be going in about 5th gear these days ... the up side is he has a mid morning nap again... So Isaac and I have a whole hour - just the two of us.. So most days we play his 'Farm Uno' - a great kids version... and he loves looking at pictures.. So often wants to see what we did "Yesterday".. (which to him just means in the past).. So we have been trying to keep up with the blog so we can remember... I also finally did the Blog to Book.. (Thanks Tish - for the great link!!) Its such a cool journal to have of your days.. And i even find by looking at it that i don't feel like my kids are nearly so deprived and it helps me to feel slightly better about myself as a mother - in that when you reflect back on a year.. You actually accomplished something:) A pick me up all mothers need!!
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...