Thursday, November 15, 2007

The next Motzart, or perhaps Bach

Here is our preformer... He can climb up on the bench himself... Quite a feat really. He has amazing rythm, understands the need for drama, and has mastered the art of a creshendo.... Too bad you can't hear how it really sounds...

When Nothing is Sure.... Anything is Possible

This is what my mom once said to me... and i've thought of it often in the last couple of years..... A little over 2 years ago we were somewhat devastated to learn that having kids on our own was a stab at 1 in a million... On Sept 7th as you know... Our little miracle arrived. We were/are thrilled with him. And thank our lucky stars everyday and have OFTEN said... that if that's all we get... WOW did we get lucky. ... And so with great amazement and trepidation we are once again in awe at the miraculous way God works... and how really NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE... So we hope to have join us the 1st week of June (keep your fingers crossed) our 2nd little miracle.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Quigley

Crazy Pizzey kids.

My gorgeous husband... WOW
Our little rock climber.
The engineer and his test project... (it crashed.. oops)
The Jamester.. feeding the fish
Look ma "no hands"....
(another cute Pizzey kid)
Amy Pizzey.. (watch out Tim and Adele . She's a heart stopper)

The nervous groom..
Dean and Nona Stewart (the parents)
Bride and Groom.
Bridesmaids .. Shauna and Daysha

The bride and groom and cake..

The setting.... Kanaskis Lodge
The boys waiting on the women...
Beautiful Bridesmaid Shauna and cute niece...
The happy bride with her mom and dad
The back of the dressss...

Beautiful Setting - Sunny Day - Gorgeous Couple = One Happily Married Couple. Congrats Kent and Janelle.. Thanks for inviting us to your amazing day. We enjoyed the setting soo much. It was absolutely perfect. We loved every minute with the extended family too. Always a good time when the Stewarts get together. I find that theres nothing like a wedding to rekindle all those farm and fuzzy wonderful feelings again.

Boo At The Zoo

This year we attended Boo at the Zoo.. It was a tonne of fun, good company, and the zoo is a lot more interesting than i remember it... (its been awhile). We even got to see the new baby elephant... He is so cute. ALmost as cute as the little zebra i got to take home... Check out the other animals we saw there...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Always Something To Celebrate

On October 12th... We celebrated our first night on the town minus our little buddy... We were actually celebrating Wade's retirement from the airport - with a bright future ahead in real estate development and redevelopment... So in lieu.. I searched out the best babysitters this town has to offer.... (drum roll please...) aka Auntie Amanda and Uncle Glen, the most romantic restaurant in Calgary..... The River Cafe on Princess Island Park where the atmosphere is unparralleled, the food amazing, and the company... welll just gets better... Followed by a one night stay at the Fairmont Palliser... The oldest and most prestigious hotel in Calgary. With its amazing spa facilities and ambience... We enjoyed desert in our room... and all of its amenities. It felt strangely like a honeymoon, and yet a little bit like something was missing. None the less we still love to get away just the 2 of us, and had a great time..

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This year we learnt that Thanksgiving was actually a giving of thanks for the "bountiful harvest".... we feel like this year has truly been one of "boutiful gifts..." Definately started with the blessing of our 1st born... Isaac. What an amazing year with him, 6 weeks in Hawaii was definately a nice bonus, 2 weeks at the Lake didn't hurt, fun time spent with Family in South Dakota , good friends and great families. Lots to be thankful for. As life goes on it just seems like it keeps getting better and the list gets longer... Shouldn't be hard to take a little moment every day to say some "thanks"... Also fairly thankful for my two men... (who at the end of the day - still love me )... This year thanksgiving was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Stewarts.... Heres some photos of the weekend... and some attempts at a family picture... Not sure who was harder to capture... Isaac or us adults.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Girls Night Out

Husbands.... do you know where your wives are tonight???

Katrina Harrison, Cheryl Galloway, Amanda Pipke and I went on a girls night... The evening involved an absolutely finger licking, right to the last drop Thai dinner followed by the best Coconut Ice Cream ever.... having such a good time we failed to notice the time...oops missed the 1st 10 minutes of the Live Theatre preformance we were going to... (don't tell our husbands that).. they are they reason we're always running behind... RIGHT.... Ironically enough the play just happened to be called "Wars"... you guessed it -on World War 1... Oh well.... a round of nightmares and happy to come home and snuggle with our men... Thanks girls. Was an awesome time.

Friday Night Football

The Mavericks vs.... who cares...
Team Roster
Coach: Peter Rowe
Players: Tyrone Monroe
Nathon Rowe
Tyson Rowe
Jr. Peterson

The score... we're sure they won. At McMahon Stadium.... Hot chocolate, hot apple cider, cookies and this fabulous game... Who could ask for more. Even the cold weather didn't keep us away... Go Mavericks Go...

Isaac Bored.... (self explanatory)

Here's what Isaac does when he's bored... He creates messes so i'm not bored... what a great kid. Keeps me gainfully employed anyways.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rainy Day Bored...

Here's what I do when i'm bored.. or procrastinating... Stay tuned for pics of what Isaac does when he's bored.. I'd post them now but i'm busy cleaning up the mess... Gotta love the little boy who now runs everywhere, and loves to throw things.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Big PARTY...

So its one of those things that all "Good " Parents do for their kids... Ok.. maybe just parents. We feel that for our children to really have fulfilling and enriched lives we must throw them a big party when they turn 1... We feel that they will also get the concept of gifts that they get to rip into, and cake that they for some reason "this" time get to smuch... Anyways here is Isaac's party .. Joining us were 35 of some very special friends, close family and cousins from afar. He really did have a good time and the sugar rush only took until 2 am to wear off. The black eye??? We're not sure how that happened... Some wild party he had with some women the night before... we think (really while i was at the "clothes swaP" at Preya's house he decided to try a back flip down the stairs.. Hit once and then landed in a basket full of clothes... Handy to have around really.. Try that one out on your husband next time.. Anyways this 1st birthday party is gone forever and with it some very happy and fun memories...
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...