Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful

This little girl has added so much sunshine into our lives and love to our hearts.. Its hard to believe that she's one today.. I'm not sure why pregnancy seems like 4 years and the first year seems like 4 weeks. Very unfair.. However we feel incredibly thankful and lucky to have her in our lives. To be honest when i found out i was pregnant with her.. i had a lot of tears.. and not immediately tears of joy... but from the moment we met her she has turned our little 4'some into a family like we could never have imagined.. She's our 'happy pants', our 'solemn eyed little girl', our 'dollie', 'Brookee'.. and so so much more.. She's not the center of the party.. but she's some kind of party girl.. (especially for us!!) Her nature is so amazing, and yet you'll never run her over .. just try it. She's incredibly tough and yet such a gentle soul. So baby girl.. we can't imagine life without you.. We love you.. (your mommy and your boys and especially your awe struck Daddy)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treat Your Kids.. As If You Didn't Have Tomorrow

I'll let you in on a little secret.. It hasn't been the best week in many ways.. A couple of days before Jace's surgery I had a dream that he didn't come out of Anesthetic.. (and so died)... A nightmare for any parent.. Part of it comes from the fact that my grandma.. with heart issues never awoke from her surgery.. (understandable at 85), part of it was the words of Jace's Anesthetist from his last surgery in January 2010 who said.. "i make no promises.. he's a heart patient, and we're dealing with an airway issue".. and part of it is just that -worry mom gene.. Non the less Tuesday was spent mostly crying.. However.. the upside is that I treated him like there was no guarantees about tomorrow... I was never too busy to pick him up, hug him, read him a story and all those things that sometimes get in the way of our dedication to our kids.. Not to say that this is possible all the time, and not to undermine the fact that kids even at a small age need to understand that they are not the center of the universe... but I want to do this more... I want to treat my kids ... as if I didn't have tomorrow.. I want to spend more time savoring their absolute cuteness... Anyways after the last couple of days of immense priviledge.. i feel like my heart is FULL... and especially at the intense JOY we had bringing him home yesterday afternoon..

P.S. They did a Bronchoscopy to see what his scar tissue was doing.. (they had intended to also do some lazer treatment on it.. but found that it had only grew 2 mm .. (still a bit for a tiny 2 year old airway) but not enough to risk lazering (which could cause more scar tissue) ... So ... a bit of blood coming from his throat, and a couple of freezies later we were done.. I have to admit my kid is the cutest.. gave his nurse a hug, and waved bye bye going to the OR and leaving (like he was king.. )
I also have to say again how amazing our health care system is.. Even the anesthetist took time out of her busy schedule to calm the fears of this very worried mom.. explain what she was going to do again... ensure he came out of recovery fine... We live in an amazing country..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe

It was a lazy Sunday.. (family day).. I had asked Wade what he wanted for his birthday and he said the only thing he wanted this year was more time with us.. Its hard to plan a day of spoiling for my husband.. He is so unselfish in this regard.. He never feels like he needs anything... So we tried in our own way to make his birthday a 'special' day.. since the best present any of us have.. (is HIM). So breakfast in bed.. Afternoon snuggles and a little party at Shannon and May's with good friends.. Happy birthday Babe.. Luv you. xoox

Friday, July 9, 2010

Noodle Fun

My boys have decided that they love 'noodles'.. its even beat out their previous favorite lunchtime meal of .. 'macamoni'.. This is what a meal of 'noodles' looks like... (you don't want to know what the clean up looks like :(

(oh.. and the photo editing.. just playing around.. since our days enjoying these summer days have been so busy the kids have been going to be beautifully... early... so i've had a bit more time on my hands.. )

Visit To Grandma & Grandpa's

It never seems long enough.. and the struggle to fit in all those special people sometimes feels like a juggling act.. but here are some pics of the fun that was had... grandma's great find (the super duper bubble blower), grandpa's special private fishing hole, wrestling with Aunti Becca, and rides from Grandma Chrissy..

Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...