Monday, July 18, 2011

Someone told me...

I was listening to some young girls discussing the perfect number of kids to have ... It was cute and humerous to hear there take on it:) the consensus was 4 was the perfect number!! So we think we'll try it and see:) hopefully our kids will agree.

EDA: Feb 1/2012

Disclaimer: Whatever number of children you decide to have, or that God blesses you with "makes the perfect family"... And to be honest this was a total surprise.. We are definately trying to find the brakes to this runaway train... But delighted we are anyways...

Friday, July 8, 2011

We Will Resume Regular Programming... After these Events :)

8 Days in Osoyoos.. (done)
4 of the best days Mellowdale (done)
3 days camping in Bragg Creek (done)
My sister and Family Here for Weekend..
Wade's Birthday :)
July 11- July 31 Cabin at Moyie
July 31-Aug 2 Cabin at Moyie with Ang Woods & Angela/Tessa Fowler
Birthday Party for Miss Brooke... (when /where to be determined )
Aug 13-Stewart wedding in Kamloops..

I promise to tell you all about Jace's Chukee Cheese Birthday party... and all of the above events.. we're simply having way too much fun to spend time inside... Hope everyone else is enjoying summer...

Funniest Moment This Week...
While on a bike ride with the kids .. i'm biking behind Jace when he stops and turns and says "Mom... do you know that pigs live in mud?" This kid is so random it makes me smile everytime..

Hugs Y'All
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...