Friday, July 31, 2009

Brooke Promise Stewart

Her dads idea... 'he already thinks she's the center of attention'
We busted out early... 19 hrs old!!
He's a changed man now!!!
20 minutes old!!
1 hr.. Looks a little chubby in this photo just due to fast birth.. Really quite a dainty little thing!!

As Robert Munsch would say... "a Promise is a Promise"... and our newest addition has been everything that little girls are promised to be.. We already can't imagine life without her...

She was born July 28, 2009 at 9:27 pm at the Foothills Hospital (thank goodness) exactly 9 minutes after her dad pushed the button at the parking lot there. The week before I had gone into labor for a full day before they stopped - thanks to what they call an "irritated uterus"... And so we waited .. although not very patiently. So there fore i wanted to make sure i was really "in labor" before we made yet another trip to the hospital... well needless to say we just about cut it a little close.. Anyways she weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz, and was 21 " long. So far ... i mean its only day 3.. she is very content and already is very tolerant of the bumps , and sounds that two older brothers make. Here are a few of her first photos... We'll post more later as we get time.

P.S. The boys adore her... Isaac was willing to give her his 'blankie' and can't stop kissing her and stroking her hair, and Jace yesterday went over and put his head down on her chest for a little cuddle and then a slobbery kiss... (ok and then as 1 year olds do.. proceeded to use her head as a pushing off point to toddle off.. oh well)

P.P.S. Don't mind the bruising around her eyes... that's just a result of her 'fast flight to earth'...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waiting... Impatiently

Wade can't quite figure out what was wrong with the lamp shade before the ribbon.... (men!!)

I have never been a patient person but these last few days my patience has once again been tested... who has 8 hours of contractions and then nothing!!! ughghg... Anyways today my big plan was to take the kids to an outdoor wading pool.. PERFECT... the weather promises 28 degrees so what a better way to spend the day... (besides whale like bodies look better tanned - don't they)
However upon waking up have discovered that even the weather man is playing tricks... A muggy, overcast - not too cool day - has arrived... So it doesn't exactly inspire outdoor water activities.. So we are trying to pass the time at home.. Isaac is quietly setting up his train set, and busy building bridges.. Jace is busy trying to destroy them as fast as Isaac can build them... and I'm going thru my bin of old decorating items trying to find something to create a new and wonderful piece for that special spot.. somewhere in this house... (all while my husband - who for possibly one of the few times in his life... is waiting for this baby to come too - thinks i'm crazy)

Potty Training Humor

Humor & Humiliation... This deal of potty training is so much harder than i ever imagined .. especially with a stubborn little man like mine , who insists, I think as a way to spend time with me that 'mommy change my diaper'... Some cute conversations have occurred in the midst though... they go like this:

"mommy, potty - and then i get a piece of gum" :) "Sure Isaac lets go potty but we'll save the gum for tomorrow cause its night night time"..... "oh, then i don't have to go potty"

"I go potty at gma's house - but at mommy's she change my diaper"

"I not stinky - Jace is"...

Anyways amidst the peeing our pants on someone else's couch, and very familiar sight of a bare bum streaking across the room, we have still not been successful... oh well..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Online Shopping At It's Best

So I have been on the look out for the perfect fabric and/or wallpaper to do some curtains or add a little something to our 'Bonus Room' for quite some time... And as my husband has me on a strict budget I haven't wanted to just settle for something i will later be unhappy with, and my couches somewhat limit the choices as well... I've been inspired by many a HGTV gallery photo of amazing fabric but am stumped as to where one finds this in "Real Life"... Anyways the other day while browsing Michael's I came across (at least for me..) the perfect pattern in a craft paper... I bought it and brought it home thinking i would frame it, or wrap it around a lamp shade or something... HOWEVER... this morning at 6 am i came across a website that will custom make fabric for you based on a scanned design.. YIPPEEE... Click. click. and done.. .(i'm anxiously waiting for the sample to see if it looks fabulous... ) and then sometime in the next decade will try and get around to sewing them up...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ode To Auntie Ruby

Saturday morning a very special person to us passed away... and an even more special person to Wade. 'Nana' as he so fondly remembers her by. She was Wade's great aunt, who lived with the family and took care of the boys. She often told stories of Wade as a toddler climbing into her bed with his bottle and sleeping with her. Wade remembers baking cookies with her, riding around on her scooter and a whole bunch of other very fond memories ... I will fondly remember this special lady because she was such a huge part of who Wade is today. Her determination with many challenges in life made her a strong individual. We will miss our visits with her when returning home to Saskatoon.. Isaac and Jace will miss the rides on her wheelchair. Silent tears were shed on your behalf... To those who hear about it - you were just an old lady who died... but to our little family you were a very special Auntie.. We love You!!

Weekend At The Lake

Indi and her doll 'Gage'

You can't catch me!!
1-2-3 Jump!!

The Real 'Captain'

Wade and Isaac headed off for a 'father-child canoe trip' (will post pics later once we find someone who took a camera) and so that left Jace and I hanging together.. so not to be left out we headed out to the cabin for a couple days of RnR. There is something incredibly soothing about life by the lake, the lazy days of summer, the sunshine, the sand... Curtis had even planned a young kids party there that weekend so we even got to be part of the 'young' crowd for a couple of days... However... I was kinda tempted by the canoe trip and this morning Isaac said to me... "next time mommy come in the boat k"...

The weekend also reaffirmed that maybe we are ready for another baby... Especially when my "baby-baby" went tubing and insisted on jumping around in it , acting like a crazy man... Ok he's growing up!!!

A Toast To Staying Young.... Happy 35th Mom & Dad

Nobody inspires me more than these two... My mom for dedicating her life to raising us kids, and teaching us so much about life that is learnt only at home... To my dad for being such a great provider, protector, confidant, for loving my mom... for their example of marriage and of working together... And for staying young and enjoying life... Hard to believe these two are in their mid 50's... Love you both... thanks for everything and Happy 35th Anniversary!!

Afternoon at the Spray Park

Savannah and Emma building their moat!!

This way to the beach ladies!!!

Jace - lovin' the water!!
My serious little man!!

To Celebrate the First Day of Summer , i packed up my kids, added a couple of great neighbor kids and headed to our local "spray park"... The kids were great considering the monsoon style winds that were prevailing in the morning and were not at all deterred by the coolish day... By about noon it warmed up enough to take the sweaters off and really enjoy the water.. the boys loved it and we look forward to passing many more days here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

From The Front Seat Looking Back

So this week we've spent a bit of time in the vehicle... Mostly doing showings of a rental place. I must admit my boys are seasoned 'travellers' and so good and patient.. And I know that most of us spend too much time looking thru life in the rear view - wishing we could do things over... But i gotta tell you the sweetest and most precious moment of my week was looking in my rear view to see my two boys - smiles on their faces holding hands.... Just hanging out together... So this week -
" the view I love the most from my rear view looking back"...

3 more weeks to go (and I can't wait to see what will fill the empty seat )
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...