Monday, September 21, 2009

Week a the cousins

We went out to Regina for my sisters big 30... she looks great and is even a more amazing mom... here is what the kids did from dawn until dusk!!

Weekend At the Lake with the Jordan's

ok i'm ready ;)
faster, faster this is fun@!
this is how its done!

we call her princess di

dean carving it up

I know.. i know.. i'm a little late posting pics from this summer but its hard to find the time.. so i have one sleeping, one in bed sick, and one on a bike ride with dad so the fingers are flying to get these posted... We headed back out to the cabin a less than a week after we got back... Its hard not to be at the lake when its in the 30's... and i was itching to get waterskiing... 3 weeks post partum and it felt AWESOME... And we had the best company along with us for the weekend.. Dean and Jen Jordan and their kids joined us.. The boat ran from dawn til dusk, and we had a blast..

Our Little Surprise

Although she was not planned... (and NOT a MISTAKE).. we call her our surprise.. She has been the best surprise EVER... She's 7 weeks old now and a whopping 12 lbs 8 oz... And we just can't imagine life without her. She's daddy's little girl, Mommy's doll, and the boys best toy... She is definately not lacking in attention or kisses... We still think she's the best!!

Party Fever

All the baby girls born from oldest to youngest.. All born from May - July
Lucy Blu with her Party Hat!!
Our chubby bunny with hers.. not so sure about it though
Cutest little man in his party hat!!
The birthday boy pretty pleased with things!
Blowing his HORN!!

As a busy mom of 3... (that's my excuse) the party planning has somehow got put on the back burner... But no worries.. the guests all had good time and even enjoyed the food much better than if i would have cooked.. But then you can't go wrong with pizza and Buttercream Cupcakes.. Thanks to all our wonderful friends who came and brought their kids .. and to our wonderful friends that came and put up with all the 'said' kids..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My little Boy is 1-2-3

Its hard to believe its been 3 years since we became parents.. Since the seams of our hearts stretched to include this little man... We thought he was the most adorable, precious , could do no wrong little guy... (and when his eyes are closed in sleep and he is tucked into bed at night he still is all those things).:) Just not "could do no wrong" all the time anymore... He really is the cutest.. when you ask him how old he is he'll tell you he's 1-2-3.. To celebrate his birthday we went out to the Calgary Corn Maze. A very cool all day adventure. With obviously the maze, but also the pig race, the roping, the wild cow train ride, the petting zoo and of course the park... The boys loved it and actually Wade and I were quite entertained too. For his birthday - actually his and Jace's we've been saving up for a trampoline.. So finally we bought one it just hasn't arrived yet.. So everyday when the mail lady comes he asks if its his BIG trampoline... Love you Igic (as he calls himself).. "To the Moon and Back and More"..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On Being The Second Child

So things are a bit busy these days... We were missing Jace in the house one morning for a few minutes and here is what we found...
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...