Monday, September 26, 2011

Isaac Turns 5!!!

It seems surreal somehow that its already been 5 years since we became parents... (somehow i thought i'd have more figured out by now :( He has honestly been an easy kid. He is  kind, and wants to do whats right and is so horrified now days if he gets in trouble....  He is timid and shy, but a great friend once he warms up to you. He loves a good back rub at the end of the day (but is very specific about how you do it:)  We love his shy little smile, and how right now he gets off the bus and is ok with a big hug...  He's been asking to go and see the horses jump so we went to Spruce Meadows with some of our closest friends for his birthday.. It was the perfect afternoon, hot and sunny, and the evening was beautiful too. Us moms went at 3 and the dads joined us for supper and the fireworks show later in the evening.. (unfortunately i forgot my camera.. in trying to pack snacks, the cupcakes,candles, and treat bags :(
Now he thinks all birthdays should happen there and that they did the fireworks just for his birthday.... (of course they did :)
His favorite was the jumping and the dog races.. and he told me next time we could skip the part where the horses go around in a circle to music.. (the RCMP musical ride ... he didnt seem to care they spent all year practicing this routine ...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Baby Baby

Who can say when we start loving a child... But i do know that this first glimpse never fails to bring tears to my eyes...


Jace praying the other night "thank you for another baby ".. (we have not taught him this or told him this... )
Isaac's little smirk when he saw the baby on the picture..
Brooke's gentle pat pat of my stomach and her saying to Jace "Baby.. no hit.. gentle"
Jace .. "Mom your tummy is coming up "

Dear Baby: We haven't quite figured out a spot for you in the vehicle yet (might need yet a different one), or how you'll feel sharing a room with your sister Brooke, but we do know that we have plenty of room in our hearts for you :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kamloops Road Trip - Stewart Wedding

It was a fun filled 3 days.. We all jumped in Gma & Gpa's motorhome Friday morning and headed west... Our pit stops included the 'enchanted forest', picnic at Golden, Visit to Kelowna to visit Jack Price, a stop at the Goat Farm.. and our arrival in the wee morning at Kamloops.. We spent a fun filled morning with my cousin Corinna and Mark and their family... Then out to the most picturesque spot for a wedding.. And then we headed home on Sunday.. Short and Sweeeet.. (what was not so sweet was the 14 hr drive home due to construction and an accident on the #1:(  Good thing Gma had every cupboard - even the stove stuffed with snacks, treats and games....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kindergarten - Day One

I must admit that this day terrified me... and i'm not sure yet if i'm thrilled.. but Isaac is.. I think its the end of getting to spend the majority of the day with your child.. (i'm completely normal there were days i prayed for this moment).. However it has filled me with a deep sadness... I cannot believe how fast the years have gone.. On Wednesday during "quiet" time Isaac slipped onto the bed beside me and we snuggled .. and the tears started to flow.. and i realized that these really precious moments would be only a memory.. On a lighter note.. as a mother of a son.. I sucked it up and acted like it didnt affect me when he didnt want to hold my hand walking up to the school.. and when i gently told him after the 20 minute parent classroom session , that i was going.. and he didnt even really notice .. i didnt cry.. Their school puts on a "Boo Hoo" tea for us parents having a hard time.. It was so sweet and cute and made me feel better about leaving him there. He seems to love it so far. His teacher is Senora Beare .. And so the beginning of the end has started.. :( Wade got me a little wall plaque on the day Isaac started school that says " Don't cry because its over.. Smile because it happened ".. (so true.. ) I'm now wondering if its appropriate to still drop off your grade 12er and feel a bit sad....(i might be over it by then)
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...