Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Cards

So i've purchased the holiday cards and done up the family pictures to send... Please vote and tell me whether people really like hearing what our year's been like, or if its just a cheesy letter...... (i just might not have time for that this year:) )

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Psst... Don't Tell My Husband!!:)

I just saw a first picture of a friends brand new baby... and my heart skipped a beat, and my eyes welled up with tears... (and i wanted one!!) And my little baby is only 5 months old... But there is something soo special., and nothing like it, like a brand new baby... Their perfection, innocence, and the list goes on... and on... I must say this feeling surprises me.. because i really am not much of a baby person.. (don't get me wrong.. i absolutely love my own)... And theres something about this time of night when all the kids are tucked in bed, and the music is softly serenading me... and sometimes my husband and i have "our" time.. that makes it all seem possible... that one more child scenario... But ... alas... The saying comes to mind right about now.. "little people... little problems..... big people, big problems"... And so for right now i have ALL i can handle... And MAYBE someday , if we decide its right, and we are blessed... but for tonight i will go and kiss my kids good night AGAIN, and pray a big prayer to GOD to thank him for the ones that i have...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Dreaming of .....

Not a white Christmas... This... Just booked for 10 days with Dean and Jen Jordan .. Yipee... Voted "Best Destination for Families in Caribean"... Look out here we come.. Feb 8-18th,2010.. Not sure how many days until we leave... too many (sigh)...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My boys are lucky.. They have a great aunty... (actually a few of them... but one without kids means Spoiling!!!) So our very ordinary day was made much brighter by a little package delivered by Mr. Fed Ex...
What's not to love about a package filled with...
-the boys very own big persons water bottle (yep)
-a whoopy cushion.. (who knew they still made these - and still as fun as every)
-a HUMONGOUS Lollipop (sorry auntie - after about 5 licks, entire wall washdown, and a couple hundred temper tantrums later from all the sugar - they got tossed!!) Too bad i didnt get a picture first
-some slinky little crazed animal
-and some cute books (which the boys love!!)
-and some Saskatchewan propaganda for our boy who loves football!!

Lucky Kids...

You soo Funny

I must say that most days my boys love their sister ... They can't get enough kisses, snuggles and attempts at making her laugh... She rewards them OFTEN... There is something about the boys antics that she just loves.. While Wade and I have to blow cool air up her nose, stand on our head, attempt to find her tickle button etc...

Visit With Great Grandpa..

4th Generation Introduction
The simplest way to keep them from destroying everything in the hospital room...

And why wouldn't we love to go and visit the kids Great Grandpa... The only 'great' one they have... So we planned an (unfortunately) quick trip to Abbotsford, so the kids could see him, and Brooke could meet him. FYI December is not the best time to do a road trip out to BC... Don't even ask us about the 8 hr trip that took 13... (thankfully we have good travellers) His lovely wife Pauline put us up in their 'tiny' condo that will never be the same... and we managed well, and had a good time and got our share of hugs in... Parting goodbye was "don't be having anymore kids anytime soon"... We think she meant that it was busy enough... and not that we couldn't handle anymore kids :)

P.S. While he is 92 and appears tired Wade noticed that grandpa still has it...
1. Can rip your arm off shaking it
2. Is thankful for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING...
3. Still cries about how dear these young kids are...

Love you Grandpa!!! (we'll see you again soon)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Stewart Family 2009
The boys feeling right at home at the Airport
Meeting the kids cousin 'Musqua'
Thanksgiving with the whole crew...
Meet and snuggles with Auntie Aggy..

Saying Goodbye..
Toasts with Grandpa..
Bedtime stories with Auntie Becca..
Tea with Grandma Grandma.. (gma crissy)
Jace.. our little clown..

Thanksgiving 09
The boys headed out early via airplane with grandma and grandpa.. For 3 days before we joined them.. They had an awesome time in the airplane, and being spoilt.. Fun times and fun memories.. We enjoyed introducing Brooke to Grandma Grandma and all the extended relatives and seeing everyone again... We spent a week and it was nice to catch up with some old friends too!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stewart Family 2009

WE ARE FAMILY!!!! This October... we had some family pictures taken by Janelle with Beauti Photography.. (check out We of course knew that our kids are difficult ages but we wanted to capture there personalities at this stage... and get a more complete family picture for the wall... Janelle did an absolutely amazing job.. 2 days prior there was a skiff of snow so we also weren't sure if we'd luck out with the weather.. but we did.. and the kids did AMAZING!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... There are few things in life that you never regret... Wade and I have decided that family pictures is one of them... Well worth every penny and a terrific investment!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


We spent a week in Saskatoon with Wade's family for Thanksgiving.. It was good to catch up with 'all' the family... and some old friends.. We did miss seeing Ruby:( Hard to believe she's gone) Anyways more pics to come...

Things That Make our Home Happy!!

This makes me smile everytime i walk past it.. So bright and cheery... I asked Wade if he liked it .. his reponse.. "whatever makes you happy"... (he's been married a while clearly.. good answer).. He actually thinks it looks like something from his grandma's era.. His only care was that when i was tired of it.. he wasn't removing it...

The good thing.. It's actually removable wallpaper.. Yep.. and let me tell you its a dream...

November Happenings...

Another exciting game of Rodeo... Jace is the cowboy.. Isaac is the horse:)
My big helper turning the mobile on for Brooke...
Brooke's tummy time.. Isaac thought she should crawl so placed the Cheerio there for her to crawl too:)

Family 'Girl's Lunch at our place... Here is my cousin Ashley's little sweetheart Kanya (so cute.. almost makes me long for a newborn baby again... don't tell Wade) and cute little Gage..

Football Player

Once upon a time our budding football player looked like this...

and now he looks like this.. (this is his rendition of what they look like) :(

Halloween 2009

Brooke has smiles for 'Auntie Ang'
The Little Scavenger found his 'treasure'
Spider Cupcakes
Jace the 'Zebra' and Katrina
Lucy the adorable chicken
Zarah the ladybug

What's not to like about tonnes of candy, some of our favorite people over for a party, little kids dressed up in cute costumes, homemade pizza ... and these awesome cupcakes.. (we did miss Isaac who was at his cousin Bria's 3rd birthday in Regina)...

Thanks to all our good friends who came.. and contributed to the pizza's ...Ang, for being the co-ordinator extraordinaire and to Amanda the creator of these amazing, tasty little treats!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Awesome Day

So a beautiful sunny day... some family pictures in the hills with my favorite people.. (and kids that co-operated fairly well)... A hubby that actually was into the picture taking.. (Yep)... and then a surprise date by 'said' hubby to Stage West (without kidlets), to a hilariously funny play called "Married Alive".. equals .. (sigh) an Awesome Day..

to check out sneak pics of our family .. go to: (check out Oct archives).. Janelle did an amazing job.

:( P.S. Too bad when we woke up the next morning the window on my vehicle was smashed, my GPS was missing, along with Wade's truck getting tossed and about $500 worth of tools missing, and a hot water tank that was spewing water everywhere..

Oh Well.. I guess blissfulness only lasts a few hours...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bandaids Fix Everything

Wade was working out of town today when he witnessed a dog attacking a 'muscrat'... So he brought it home to try and 'fix' it.. Isaac's solution... was a Scooby do bandaid..

A Bad Case of the Tuesdays

What to do on an overcast day when the kids are all crying... Nothing cures the 'blues' like fresh homemade cinammon buns..


I really think i was meant to have boys.. I could really get into hockey and football in a big way.. Wade - not so much.. Last year it was me and Isaac that took to the rink for skating and a little hockey... And on Saturday morning when i mentioned that Nathan Rowe had a football game - i was met with less than enthusiastic response... (sigh.. oh well) SO my good friend Amanda Pipke , her little 'cutie' Lucy and I and my gang packed up and went to watch the game.. It was a soupy mess to get to the stands.... but well worth it.. The "Mavericks" faced off the "Cowboys".. and unfortunately after a series of bad reffing calls... the Mighty 'Mavericks' lost.. but was fun to watch Nathan #3, Tyrone Munro #82, and Jesse Peterson #88...

P.S. I'm thinking i should learn a bit more of the rules.. or at least pay attention that when the flag is on the field it doesn't matter how loud i yell to cheer on the little guy running toward the end zone with the ball.. (it doesnt count).... Alas

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week a the cousins

We went out to Regina for my sisters big 30... she looks great and is even a more amazing mom... here is what the kids did from dawn until dusk!!

Weekend At the Lake with the Jordan's

ok i'm ready ;)
faster, faster this is fun@!
this is how its done!

we call her princess di

dean carving it up

I know.. i know.. i'm a little late posting pics from this summer but its hard to find the time.. so i have one sleeping, one in bed sick, and one on a bike ride with dad so the fingers are flying to get these posted... We headed back out to the cabin a less than a week after we got back... Its hard not to be at the lake when its in the 30's... and i was itching to get waterskiing... 3 weeks post partum and it felt AWESOME... And we had the best company along with us for the weekend.. Dean and Jen Jordan and their kids joined us.. The boat ran from dawn til dusk, and we had a blast..
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...