Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 Year Itch

So officially we've started the "7 year itch"... March 27th to be exact.. And we're a little late celebrating.. but one of the things we were itching to do was go away together.. So today we are leaving on a jet plane..

... we're going to spend a luxurious nite together at a hotel by the ocean
... we're going to cruise...
.... we're going to dig our feet into the sand
...Fine dine.. every night for 3 nights 

... sleep on the beach :)
.... explore the sights of CocoBay... Nassau Bahamas..
.... go snorkeling

can't wait ....
P.S. Once the panic attack (about leaving the kids) subsides .. i think i'll be fine..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Things To Warm The Heart

.... Going to the vehicle to find my kids all holding each others hands and the boys doing.. "walk around the park... like a teddy bear .. one step.. two step.. tickle under there... "

..... Isaac: "Mommy we have no more babies... Me: "You're right Isaac you are all growing up... "
Isaac: " We should have another baby".. Me: "Babies are a lot of work... " Isaac: I would really really help you.. " (him and his dad have been doing the sales pitch :)

... A little girl hoisting a huge shovel to help her boys build a snow fort in our backyard :)

Jace peaking his head over the pillow at nap time.. "I see you mom"... I luvs you mom...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We always knew he had a tiny destructive gene... And he's been blowing stuff up since he could crawl :) But things have definately gotten worse ....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Skiing... Check!!

Ever since the start of the winter Isaac has been begging to go skiing.. The problem was i just wasn't sure how.. or where that was going to happen...Thanks to our good friends the Jordan's.. and spring break. We embraced the beautiful weather we were having and headed off to C.O.P. Really a great hill!! Jen was kind enough to go up the first couple of times with Isaac and show him how its done (you know how kids love learning from their mothers :) So we said "who cares" to the afternoon naps and did it up GOOD... I would go up the hill pulling my other two little kido's and then go down with Isaac .. (ok.. i did take a few breaks that's hard work :) Anyways the day was a success.. We enjoyed the weather.. got some sun :)... and checked one more winter activity off our list... It can be SPRING anytime now :)

P.S. Jace even got a couple of runs in :)
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...