Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Foliage

Grandma Johnson has a request for a 1 year picture of each of her grandkids.. So I thought i would see if i could capture one.. (of course we have many cute pictures of her.. this was just the other day while the boys were napping)..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's Been Going On in our House...

A visit from Auntie Becca, Grama & Grampa Stewart and cousin Chase...

 Watching Nathan Rowe's football game..
 Grandma & Grandpa Stewarts 40th Wedding Anniversary ....
 A day with some fantastic ladies making Antipasta...
Practicing for Halloween... (check out this little birdie)..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isaac Turns 4

A little conversation with Isaac about what he would like at his birthday party this year...
"Mommy... i want a horse cake... oh.. and sushi... AND a sleepover.. kay!!

Alright.. So that's how it was..I found a great recipe for 'mock sushi'.. and all the boys decided that they really DID like sushi. ( 9 little boys for the night :) And soo much fun. We had potato races, a rousing game of hockey.. (oh and many, many gun fights).. I decided not to buy the caps that went with the guns...

Note to self: No noise adding devices at a little boys party.. especially a sleep over..

Really the party was so much fun.. Isaac even did what little kids do at sleepovers and didnt go to bed until 1 am.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it Winter Yet??

Be still my beating heart.. I think i'm in love.. (again:) Is it wrong to covet your daughters shoes?? Thank you Ebay!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Isaac

It is hard to believe that pretty much right now our 'Isaac Man' entered the world. Its been an amazing 4 years and although the endless amounts of sleep, spontaneous trips anywhere, and time to spare were nice... this gig called 'motherhood' is pretty much the best.. No one can ever prepare you for it.. (thank goodness) but no one tells you how much it changes you forever.  I was not prepared for how much it changes your heart. And this little man was a wonderful start.. I can hardly believe that the days spent staring at him sleeping, and cooing and smiling are over... and he has been replaced with this little guy.. Most of the time he is my biggest helper.. (even so young he is very good at trips to the garbage, clearing the table, helping with Brooke, and on and on... ) We are looking forward to year 4.. Already he has a list of all the things he's going to do this year... (pretty typical boy.. most of them involve sports :) Lately he has been crawling into bed at about 10 with me.. and with just a sheepish little smile he says .. "Just until Daddy comes".. be still my heart.. and this is why us moms love our little boys..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Brooke's 1st Birthday Party

I'm not sure why the pregnancy of your child feels like 4 years and your babies first year of life feels like 4 weeks.. but it does.. And with each successive child... and the question "is this one your last"... you tend to hold on a bit tighter... I had so much fun planning her pretty party in pink... With all the busyness of summer we opted for a party at the cabin.. (and who better to invite than all your cousins).. I will miss her as a baby.. It feels now that she has entered the 'moving' stage that she has less time to sit and cuddle and read, and just enjoy each others company.. Alas.. but we are loving the new excitement that shines in her eyes.. Happy Birthday Beautiful... We are forever thankful you completed our little family...

Friday, September 3, 2010

This Week's Cuteisms..

Jace... "Mom... pound it"...

Isaac to Jace (they just collided while running).. "Jace say you're sorry to me... Now give me a hug"..

Jace to Brooke .... "Brooke... walk to Jacer"..

Jace to me at bedtime... "MOM ... Sunshine.. " (new ritual singing of 'You are my Sunshine'.. this has replaced the bottle.. and i'm loving it.. )
Someday it will not matter how big my house is, how much money is in the bank, or where i have travelled.. only that I have been important in the life of a child...